Our engineers work for many renowned companies and institutions. The confidentiality and secrecy of customer data have highest priority at our company. Therefore, the excerpt of the following reference projects is only a general overview and does not include any technical details:


Component development in the aerospace industry:

  • Design and analysis of structural components made of fiber-reinforced composites and aluminum materials for various aircraft types
  • Concept development and construction of the wings of a microlight
  • FEM-Analysis of a rotor blade lug
  • Creation of the layup models and cutting data for carbon fiber wing segments
  • Construction of optical alignment systems for a space telescope


Mechanical engineering and fixture construction:

  • Concept development of a final assembly line for a cargo airplane
  • Construction and detailing of coating and varnishing platforms for a passenger airplane
  • Development of an engine assembly device
  • Development of an assembly platform for a helicopter cockpit
  • Static and dynamic optimization of a chainsaw


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